Presenting Music that Soothes the Soul


BMP Records Co. is an independent Record Company whose mission statement is to present gospel music that soothes the soul. In addition, the Company is looking for like-minded singers that are willing to work hard and to invest in themselves with their time, talent and finances, not just those who can sing.

BMP Records Co. was started in the Spring of 2000 because I saw a field that was wide open that I could make a contribution. That field consists of what some would called the non-traditional or not the average age of singers that debut. There are some very good [even excellent] singers that just need a break. Some have been singing for years as a soloist and some have been with several groups throughout their lifetime, but never had a recording. These are the people that we are looking for, in that, while they are still able to sing, we want to produce a recording on/for them.

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